The Leela
Welcoming profits!


The Leela is one of the leading hotels chains with properties spread across India. One of the key stake holders are the “bookers”; the secretaries, administrative head or in large organizations the Travel Desk. They are those who book flights and hotels- and are a key influencing factor in deciding which hotel. Leela Solitaire Line is a loyalty programme with over 2000 influential members. The loyalty programme was managed in-house. Coordinating with multiple departments and data sources often led to delays in updating of points, redemptions etc.


  1. Out source the entire loyalty management process to a specialist
  2. Make the Loyalty Programme self sustaining
  3. Explore opportunities to increase the share of wallet

TheoryM Solutions:

Take over the entire process of Loyalty Programme management including

  1. Developing an online Loyalty Programme Management software
  2. Deploying and maintaining
  3. Date entry
  4. Data integration
  5. Database management
  6. Operations
  7. Redemptions
  8. Strategy
  9. Creative
  10. Monitoring
  11. Analytics
  12. Help Desk